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9 Strategies to Master Keno: Mastery of Random Lottery Games

The world of Keno can be a complex and daunting place for the first-time player. There are countless numbers, seemingly endless combinations, and an unknown hierarchy to rank them all. As such, it is often difficult to know where to start when mastering this random lottery game. However, for those who want some help on getting started or what strategies work best in certain areas of Keno, there is no shortage of advice online.

Here are 9 ways that you can use these tips as you set about mastering this celebrated attraction:

  1. Keep a running tally of the numbers you have seen. This will help you to know which are coming up more often. This is particularly helpful when playing in an unfamiliar location and not knowing their specific rules for what constitutes “high” or “low.”
  1. Hide your card with just one number on it under your hand, then pull out two cards without looking. If they match, place them back into the machine; if not, discard both of these cards before pulling another one. Repeat until you get matched and win!
  1. When betting $0.50 per game (in US Keno), bet all nine boxes in that price range ($0.25-$74) instead of four at a time as many players do.
  1. Did you know that if playing in the US, Keno tickets can be checked for winners at any time? So simply check your ticket before purchasing a new one and see what numbers have been revealed already.
  1. If someone has built up a high winning streak, then it’s best to wait until they finish their game as opposed to trying to play during their game – this is because when another player finishes theirs, there will inevitably be more of the same number being drawn from the ball machine which could result in an even bigger payout down the road!
  1. Some players like to keep track of how many times each number comes up by marking them on scratch paper with either Xs or O’s (depending on whether they hit or not).
  1. When playing with the lowest bet, it’s important to play five columns in each direction instead of three. This is because when you choose between two numbers, statistically, one will be drawn more often than the other – that’s right, they’re random!
  1. Remember that even though it’s random number selection, sometimes patterns emerge over time – so don’t give up if you “lose” five times in a row or more. There may not be any luck in some numbers, but there will be luck on the flip of a coin!
  1. Keno is played at every lottery in North America, and for a good reason – it’s fun to play with friends or family. It can also provide you with an opportunity to try your hand against the odds while winning money that goes towards local education initiatives, housing programs, and more across Canada.

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