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All You Want To Know About Log Loaders Configuration

Log loader is a machine that sortS the logs, and then stack them into bunches. Using this machine, the pile is loaded onto the truck and then safely transported to the destination. In this article, we will learn more about log loaders and their configuration in detail.

Mechanical Configuration

Carrier Base

The carrier base is an essential component in the hydraulic loader. Its presence helps in impacting the stability, and mobility of the machine. The following are the different types of loader options that you can consider for your log loading requirement.

  • A wheeled loader
  • A tracked loader
  • A Trailer Mounted Loader

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Loader Types

Log loaders come in a variety of types to choose from:

Knuckleboom loaders: These are swing equipment that comes with specially designed components to handle logs. This equipment can be track-based, trailer mounted, or wheel-based.

Wheel loaders: They are tricycle-based machines that are used for loading logs onto trucks. They use a pair set of forks along with a grapple to pick up the logs. The key benefit of wheel loaders is its potential to pick and load several logs. In this way, it reduces the loading time.

Truck-mounted loaders: This type of loader is mounted to the log truck. Here, both the boom and operator stations are mounted on a pedestal. They are used primarily in woodyards. A few varieties are also mounted on articulated, and wheeled chassis.


There are several grapples used on the basis of the material that you want to handle using it.

  • Bunching grapples have wider tongs to pick up and handle multiple stems.
  • Pulpwood grapples handle short wood.

  • Log grapples has the ability to effectively handle tree length material for delimbing, yarding, and loading applications. This type of loader is used for robust designs as compared to the pulpwood grapples.
  • Butt-N-Top grapples: This type of grapple is best suited to handle tree length material for bunching, and sorting operations. The heels present in these loaders offer a greater level of control over the load.
  • Boom type loaders: This type of loader assists in the efficient handling of logs by safeguarding the boom. It also controls the ends of the log.


A log loader is an integral component in timber harvesting. Understanding the function, configuration, and operation of the log loader will help in its efficient operation.

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