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An Insight into DUI Laws

Every state has criminalized the act of driving a vehicle while being under the effects of alcohol or other drugs even if the latter include prescription medicines. In some states, the offence is known as DUI whereas in others, it is called DWI.

How a Lawyer Comes into Picture

Neither DUI and DWI offences nor their consequences should be taken in a lighter note.  If you face a DUI or DWI charge, make sure to hire a good DUI lawyer to have the charge mellowed or the allegation withdrawn. This is true even if your blood-alcohol concentration or BAC test report shows impairment under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

The supposed violators of DUI laws receive some kind of criminal sentence such as rehabilitation, penalty or jail. Furthermore, the motorist’s driving license might be suspended or revoked, depending on the gravity of the crime and if it is the convict’s first offence.

Your lawyer may be able to offer you some help to receive driving privileges with the condition that you will use an ignition interlock device (IDD) or obtain the court’s permission to drive to and home from your workplace.

Terms to Know

Implied Consent: Motorists in every state give consent to a police stop and Blood-Alcohol Concentration Test on a condition to receive a driver’s license. Failure to give consent to a BAC test is a breach of agreement and leads to the suspension of the driver’s license.

Blood-Alcohol Concentration: BAC Test is done to determine the level of alcohol or drug impairment in the motorist.

Drug Recognition Experts: These officers are trained to measure the level of drug impairment of the DUI suspect.

DUI Checkpoints: These refer to roadblocks posted along busy roadways during the celebrations which see many people going on a binge. The police set up these roadblocks to stop the cars and do random checking for alcohol impairment in motorists.

When You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

Impaired or drunk driving is not taken lightly by the court because it can do severe damages to other motorists. The stakes of DUI cases are significantly high. The DUI convicted have got their driving license suspended or even revoked for a particular time period. They also have to pay a hefty fine and in cases of repeated offenses, serve prison sentence.

Even if your DUI attorney fails to get the case dismissed, the professional may be able to get the sentence reduced or otherwise ensure softer landing.

What to Consider When Choosing a DUI Lawyer

There are many factors that you should consider seriously when hiring a DUI lawyer. Some factors are more important than others. However, when it comes to narrowing your list of lawyers for final selection, you should remember the following points.

Experience: Has the person been dealing with DUI cases for a long period of time or he/she has joined the industry only a couple of years ago? Experience gives you an assurance that you will go Scot Free or at least, will have the charge reduced significantly.

Track Record: Is the lawyer willing to share his/her success record of DUI case dealing? Are there strong evidences in support of his/her claim?

Fees: Ask the professional about his/her fee structure. Does the lawyer demand upfront fee or his/her fee is based on contingency?

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