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What are The Effects of Smoking Shisha?

As flavored tobacco, Shisha is what people tend to like smoking using hookah water pipes and is also referred to as Narghile, Goza, Hubble Bubble, among other names. Smoking shish started when people started soaking tobacco in fruit flavors such as strawberries, grapes, and apple.

You can quickly get a hooker in a hookah sale. The smoking shisha starts by placing tobacco in the bowl, which is just above the pipe structure, then small charcoal pieces, and an aluminum foil are then placed on the foil, which is then punctured by a pin for the purpose of heating the tobacco in a gentle manner.

When tobacco is smoked through the mouthpiece, a sweet-smelling, smooth vapor is filtered through the base, which contains water. The vapor can also come in floral flavors such as rose, vanilla, and coconut.

Below is a list of some of the effect of smoking shish that you should be aware of :

1) Causes cancer

Because of the manner in which shish is smoked, such as depth of inhalation, length of the smoking session, and frequency of puffing, shish smokers are at the risk of absorbing a higher concentration of toxins found in cigarette smoking, therefore, increases the level of hazards in the body.

Shisha smokers increase their health risks by smoking this drug as the charcoal used to heat the tobacco in shisha pipes is toxic. The smoke produced by the shish contains a high level of harmful chemical compounds such as heavy metals, cancer-causing chemicals, and carbon monoxide. These toxins are present even after the water is passed through the smoke in the Shisha.

The irritation increases the risk of developing oral cancer from exposure to tobacco juices. This irritation by tobacco juice products is less significant in cigar smoker or pipe smokers than in shisha smokers since shisha smoking is usually practiced with or without inhalation for a longer time and often.

2 Prone to infections

Hookah pipe, used in hookah cafes and hookah bars, may not be cleaned thoroughly; hence infectious disease may spread from one person to another. These contagious diseases include aspergillus, which is a fungus that can cause severe lung infections, tuberculosis, which infects other parts of the bodies or the lungs, and helicobacter, which typically causes stomach ulcers  can be spread from one person through the preparation of tobacco or by sharing the mouthpiece

3 Low birth weight babies with pregnant women smoking Shisha

Pregnant women who smoke Shisha put themselves at the risk of suffering from health risks and putting their unborn babies at health too, such as the infant may face difficulty breathing and underweight problems.

One of the reasons why some babies are born at a lower birth weight, which is considered to be three and a half ounces less than what an average baby weight should be, is that their mothers must have been smoking shisha when they were expectant. The babies born  also become more prone to respiratory diseases

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