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What Is Civil Status Document And Different Types Of Civil Status Documents?

Documents are all those physical paper that acts as the heart and soul of the existence of the people across the world. Yes, all people need some sort of documents to prove their life events; just as your 12th-grade marks sheet is the document that verifies that you have cleared grade 12 with certain marks, there are many documents that will verify that who you are or in other words what is your identity.


Civil status documents


All those documents that make a sort of attestation to your birth and various life events during your existence are what you can call civil status documents. Simply different types of documents that can easily prove your existence is the civil status documents. Different types of documents that fall in the category of civil status documents are:-


Birth certificate: What, according to you, is the proof that you took birth on this planet at a particular date only? Like, suppose your birth date is 1st of December but what is the proof that where you need to mention your birth date, they will surely believe that your birth date is so?


Yes, a birth certificate is a legal tender that can hence prove it. When a person takes birth, their parents need to inform the government authorities; this is because they need to get the birth certificate, and the government needs to keep the record. Hence your birth certificate is the legal proof of your birth that you will need till your lifetime.


The act of recognition: It is the certificate that proves that the relationship between you and your parents, like what actually is the proof that can help you explain to the world that who is your father and your mother. Such certificates are also an important part of your civil status, and you can get to know about it more when you go through lefigaro.fr.


Marriage certificate: A marriage certificate is one big certificate of your life; it is important that you get your marriage recognized by the government. Your marriage certificate is useful in many different ways, and you will definitely need to get a certificate that will state who your spouse is and when they have married to you.


Death certificate: The last certificate that is going to add to your civil status document is your death certificate. It is highly important that your loved ones should get your death certificate issued by the government. If you have something that you take from the government, let say you were an employee and use to take a salary from the government or pension from the government, or if you are not an employee, then you will have some deposits in the bank. If your spouse wants to claim all those money from the government or from the bank, they will probably need to provide a sort of proof that will prove it to the bank. The government and the bank will only provide the money when they get government recognized documents.


Apart from all these documents, there are many more documents that are an integral part of your civil status document, and you will only get them from the government authorities.

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