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What is Mezzanine Finance and When is it Used?

There are many terms in the finance sector and mezzanine happens to be one that some people don’t understand. Mezzanine loans involve equity that the lender can liquidate in the event the borrower defaults on the payments; basically, a secured loan with some minor additions.

When is mezzanine finance used?

When a company enjoys sustained growth and they need to finance expansion, mezzanine finance in Australia is often the best option. If you would like to learn more about the available options for a mezzanine loan, Google can take you to a commercial lender’s website and you can talk to an expert. There are mezzanine funds that lend to commercial borrowers, which offer preferential rates, plus they have the option to take possession of assets if the loan is not repaid.

High returns for investors

Lenders like mezzanine funds due to the higher returns; when the economy is booming, mezzanine funds are very active, as businesses look to expand their operations. When you approach a commercial lender regarding a mezzanine loan, the whole process can be completed within a few days and you have the necessary funds to proceed with your expansion program.

Online solutions

The World Wide Web hosts a lot of information and Google can put you in touch with a commercial lender that can arrange mezzanine finance; you could approach several lenders and compare packages in order to get the best deal. There is a level of flexibility with this type of finance; the loan can be called in and replaced with a lower interest package.

Tailored solutions

You might prefer a loan that allows you to pause the repayments for a certain amount of time, should other projects need funding. The economy is volatile at present, which means you have to be flexible and business owners are looking for loans where they have room to shift their money.

Rapid application process

One of the reasons to use a leading commercial lender is the speed in which the application is processed; expanding organisations don’t have the time to wait a few weeks when they are planning an expansion; if you have equity, this can be used in mezzanine finance to provide you with the necessary funding to grow.

When an organisation is expanding, funding is critical and for many business owners, taking out a mezzanine loan is often the best way forward, while lenders enjoy a high return.

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