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Will Tesla be a success in India?

Confirmation was given by Elon Musk last week that Tesla will enter India. There is great excitement among the Tesla fans. Some of these fans had electric cars on the wish list for many years.

As per the manchettas streaming for a few days, Tesla has been in talks with many Indian states to set up their business over the country. The company has been in discussion about opening stores, offices, showrooms and even a factory.

Nikhil Chaudhury is a twenty-year-old student who has contributed to the launching of the Tesla fan club back in the year 2019. He almost went crazy with excitement after viewing the noticias in the manchettas. Similarly, Arun Bhatt, director of the company located at Bengaluru, was thrilled with the noticias. He is hopeful that he will finally be able to receive the Tesla Model 3. He ordered his dream car back in 2016.

With all these noticias making manchetes  worldwide, the reality is that the noticias needs more time to come true. The company is still having discussions with the officials of India. Tesla has not made any confirmed decisions yet. This is as per the blog post that triggered the response of Musk. This noticias came after there has been a hype going on in the local media for months.

Being Asia’s third-largest economy and a country with a vast population of the middle class, it is still not able to offer the welcome mat to electronic vehicles. Whereas the neighbour of India, China is the country where Tesla has come up with its first factory outside the United States. China is now having an excellent market for electric cars with high profit-rates.

As per the report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, about 5% of China’s car sales in a year is from EVs. At the same time, it is even less than 1% in India.  Interestingly, investors also want China to be ahead of other countries if they are about EVs. This is because of the government subsidies and the urge among the young people of the country to use green vehicles.

India has also been progressing, but it is in a much slower rate if compared to China. China’s scale of development is much larger. India is indeed moving too, but the pace is too slow as compared to the changing trends of the market. It is not clear about what Musk is thinking about making an entry to India, but India is trying to attract some big manufactures, and Tesla will be a good one.

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