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3 pointers to use when choosing team building events

Team building activities are the various practices you and your staff can be involved in out of work for better cohesiveness during projects. Choosing the right activities for your team building can be hectic especially if you do not take any suggestions. You nonetheless need to do your research on the following factors if you are to choose team building activities that help you and your staffs become better.

Demographic factors

These are external factors that affect your staff directly when it comes to their participation in the activity that you choose. The quality of team building activities you choose must be fit for all including old and young in your team. Consider factors like the gender representation in your team, the age of participants and even their health. You do not want your staff getting injured or sick during team building activities when the goal was to make them stronger.

Number of participants expected

What is the total number of participants you have planned for the team building event? Normally, all of your employees should come for the event however research shows that only 69% of staff is interested in corporate team building events. The number of people expected to attend will help you determine how much money to use and the intensity of activities in your to do list.

Level of fun

What do you want to achieve during your team building day? Apart from harmony in your staff, what else do you want your staff to learn? This will improve the quality of activities you choose for them. It furthermore helps you decide the right amount of fun to involve in the project. Too much fun will easily make you miss the point of the day which is team building.

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