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Everything to know about SERP trackers 

Search engines are ruling the current era of the digital revolution. Every time a person needs information, he takes his mobile to search on Google. Although Google is holding the predominant share in this service, you could find several other peers also in the business. All these platforms work with the same fundamental operation algorithms. They will store all the webpages and crawl them to provide better results to the user’s search query. They will be careful with providing quality information to their users. So, they will rank the webpages based on quality and the required metrics. However, almost all websites out there would be looking to find a top position on these search results pages to attract more visitors. If you want to know your website’s condition in these search engines, it is necessary to use a SERP tracker free available online and offline. Using this tool, you could get to know about various factors including the position and performance of your webpages. In this article, let us discuss this SERP tracker in brief.

Need for a SERP tracker

You may wonder why it is necessary to have a SERP tracker. If you are updating your website with all the necessary SEO things, your webpages will perform better or go lower in the search results. In either case, you would have to manually check for the position of your webpage for each keyword. It will take enormous time, and there will be thousands of keywords to check. However, if you have a SERP tracker, you could do this in minutes or seconds. All you have to do is to type the necessary keywords for which you have to check your website’s performance. Once you run the application, you will get detailed reports on all the positions in the respective search engine instantly.

Abilities of a SERP tracker

Each SERP tracker will have its own set of features. However, each one should have the following features for sure,

Device support – Search engines work on desktops and mobiles. Since the majority of internet users are using mobile phones, your SERP trackers should provide results for the positions of your webpages in mobiles also.

Location – Search engines will provide different results for the same search query in different locations. So, your tracker should let you choose the location whose reports are required.

Search engine diversity – Your tracker should not provide results for a single search engine like Google. It should offer search engine diversity and should let you get the position results of all search engines out there.

Limitations of a SERP tracker

Although there are several benefits of using a SERP tracker, there is a limitation. You could not be sure about the positions of your webpages as several algorithmic things decide on the rankings. Each time you search a query, you will get different positions. So, you could not rely solely on the reports of these trackers. However, you can use them as rough estimates.

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