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Why you do not have to upgrade Windows 10

Do you really need a Windows 10 pro upgrade?  Windows 10 has been around for a while – from 2015, making it to become one of the highly utilized operating systems which are available in the world. You need to know that, there are reasons why it has survived that long.

Should the reason be why you don’t have to upgrade the current Windows 10? The following are some of the main advantages of utilizing Windows 10

Return of the start menu

The start menu which is well known is back in the Windows 10 and that is something that deserves celebration. In the Windows 8, the start menu disappeared, which caused a lot of interference. In the start menu of the windows 10 the start button as well as the start menu is back and are working as it used to work with Windows 7. But the start menu has been branded new and has a modern look. Due to that, the working within the Windows 10 feels modern and familiar.

The updates of the systems are for a longer period

The regular system upgrades are what determines how long an operating system is going to still be utilized by the customer. An example is where the operating systems Windows Vista and Windows XP got phased out and are no longer being offered officially by Microsoft with no extended help being given.

For Windows 8 and Windows 7, its mainstream support has ended. What it denotes is that, among everything else, there is no new functions which are being added to the aforementioned operating systems.

At the moment, such problems are not experienced with Windows 10. An example is where Microsoft provided mainstream up to October 2020. The extensive support is not going to end until 2025. You can enjoy the latest updates for security and improvement within Windows 10 environment for several years.

Virus protection that is excellent

With Windows 10, the quality of the antivirus software is one of the things which have been improved greatly. Improved and new applications are what make it hard for any parties which are malicious to infect the computers having Windows 10 with software that is malicious.

You can consider an example where the new Window Hello functionality works. It allows the computer to be easily unlocked with iris scanner, fingerprints or face recognition. That means that, it becomes hard to hack as compared to use of a standard password.

It is possible for the Windows 10 to encrypt files further in an automatic manner when it gets to notice that a computer has a malicious virus which has infected it. it is done by the use of BitLocker program for encryption.

Additionally, the Windows Defender Antivirus is inside it and gets activated with each Windows 10 license. It is an advanced software which is able to protect your computer even better against any digital threats, which is a clear improved as compared to the previous versions of windows.

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