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If You Aren’t Using Video To Market Your Business, You’re Getting Left Behind

It’s time for some tough love for all those businesses that have avoided using video to promote their work until now. You are getting left behind. Your carefully crafted messaging is not being seen. If you are comfortable with the results you are getting and you aren’t looking for new customers, perhaps this is fine. If you are looking to grow, however, you need to add video to your digital marketing strategy.

Video Captures Attention

Do you know the analytics of your current strategy? How many of your social media posts, blogs, emails, or advertisements get results? Performance marketing leaders like Eyal Gutentag get results for companies like Uber and Ziprecruiter by comparing how potential customers respond to different types of messaging. The results are clear: Video is more likely to be seen than static images or text.

Video Prompts Engagement

Because video grabs people’s attention, sites that are built around user interaction are biased toward placing video near the top of a page. As people see and interact with your video, that data feeds into search algorithms and news feeds. If your message appeals to potential customers, they will help spread your message to like-minded people by commenting or sharing your content.

If you need further evidence for the use of video to spark engagement with your brand, notice how video-sharing platforms such as TikTok have grown in recent years (with 100 million active users in the U.S. alone.

Video Is How We Interact Online

While the use of video online has been increasing for years, recent shifts toward online meetings, online schooling, and remote working have changed the way people interact online. Video is now a generally accepted way for grandmothers to converse with their grandkids, for college students to socialize, and for professionals to meet with clients. As compared to a static visual message of images and text, a video is more likely to generate trust and familiarity in your potential customers.

How To Add Video Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are already using strategies like email, blogs, and social media to get your message out, you can add video into your digital marketing strategy without changing much about the way you generate content.

Generate Video Within Social Media

Some social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, allow you to create and share simple videos from within the app for free. This allows a novice user who isn’t comfortable in front of a camera to create a polished video using short clips, still frames, and text to convey a compelling message.

Embed Video in Your Blogs and Emails

Once your video is created, some platforms like Facebook and YouTube allow you to share using an “embed” code, which you copy and paste into a blog or email. By adding a video to your text, you will increase your recipients’ understanding of the content. If you speak to them through video, they will get a sense that you are speaking directly to them.

With these simple strategies, you will become accustomed to telling your story in a new way. It isn’t necessary to convert all of your outreach to video, however. Because video has greater reach and impact, 1-2 videos per week can have a dramatic effect on your marketing.

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