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The Desire for Correct 1911 Holster Owb 

1911 holster owb is one of the most expected and bought hostler. The famous gun that has helped win the two world wars has a different reputation in this field. If you are an enthusiast you collect guns, then your collection must contain the famous 1911. So, the holster for the same must also be of the best quality. If you want to know more details on this topic then go through the article till the end.

What is the holster for 1911?

The best quality of holster for the famous 1911 can be achieved from the Kirkpatrick leather holsters. These are among the topmost companies for this job and have ranked second in the race.it has made its mark in the market because of the quality and customizable products that can be bought from the company. It will be a fit for you with the best quality of comfort a holster can be.

The customizable nature of the company cannot be ignored. The one-size-fits option is suitable for most of the guns in your collections. As the popularity of 1911 is also very high and so manufacturers have developed this gun in various sizes. Therefore, in the case of 1911, this approach of single size fit made not be applicable. Some of the holster manufacturers do not take this feature of 1911into account, so form a single size 1911. But what if, that size is just not appropriate for your gun, therefore Kirkpatrick is the right option for you. They have holsters in various sizes.

Features of 1911 holster owb

Now, let us look at some of the interesting features of this holster, that will compel you to buy them.

  • The variety of options in the designs is available here. The holster could be locked carry, crocked or it can also be a hammer down design. You can choose depending on your preferences or your appearance which might suit you.
  • The length of the barrel is also from 3.0” to 6.0”. As you can see the variation is fast so it can be easily adjustable depending on your gun design.
  • The company also has a facility in which they can demand some of the additional safety measures if needed. This will include the threaded barrel, a little longer barrel size, or the suppressor signal. All of this is just a call away from you. You can give customized details on the phone directly.


For the perfect way to carry your 1911, the 1911 holster owb from Kirkpatrick is the best option for you. You can send the details of your gun, and the additional features you need for your holster can be given to the company directly on the phone. A variety of options in color and design is available. I hope you must be satisfied with the details shared in the article and you give the company a call to book your new customized holster.

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